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As Baby Boomers age, they are obsessed with wanting to reverse the aging process. As a result, the market for the human growth hormone (HGH) market is exploding. One such product is GenF20. The idea behind HGH products is that they stimulate the body to fight the signs of aging. Terms such as 'fountain of youth' and 'miracle aging cure' flourish as people try desperately to hold onto or bring back their youthful appearance.

During childhood and early adulthood, the body abounds with HGH which diminishes as the body ages. HGH is essential for muscle growth, metabolism, healing, bone growth, and proper brain functioning. Sexual function and healthy organs including skin, hair and nails are also dependent on proper levels of HGH. With aging, all of these functions decrease.
As anti-aging products now flood the market, the most popular product is GenF20. Many of the other anti-aging products are made of synthetic hormones while GenF20 is natural and formulated to fuel the body's pituitary gland into making its own growth hormone. When this happens, energy levels increase as well as the biological functions that reverse the effects of aging.
Specifically, GenF20 is touted as reversing aging skin effects, improving memory and thinking, igniting sexual desire, treating depression and improving sleep. Makers of the product also claim that it eliminates fat stores throughout the body as well as improves muscle strength and skin's elasticity. As it increases metabolism, so is it easier to lose weight.

This popular HGH product is available in two forms: a daily supplement and an oral spray. The daily supplement is generally recommended to take twice per day while the oral spray is recommended to be taken along with the supplement.

Are there any side effects associated with this HGH? Reports vary in terms of number and severity, but some reported effects include headache, sleepiness and nausea.

Although the most popular of HGH products on the market buy antibiotics online, the question still remains as to whether GenF20 is legitimate or scam. No doubt it is a legitimate product, but one issue of concern is that it is not available in retail stores: it can only be purchased online. Another issue is its cost which puts it into the hands of the relatively elite. This pricing is allegedly the result of its unusual and rare ingredients.

The bottom line is that this supplement reportedly has an effect on the body's HGH levels which in turn improves some aspects of the aging process. On the other hand, it is not the miraculous 'fountain of youth' as some claim it to be.